Our new bender is here!

Yes! It is here! Our new bender arrived this month. It has been installed, tested, and approved and is ready for action.

We are excited that during this time we have been able to buy a new bender and have it set up and ready to go.

With an easy setup and faster cycle time, the new bender can bend more parts per day with increased accuracy. It can also be set up to bend two separate bends at one time, limiting errors and creating a smoother flow of production. It allows for angles between 20 and 190 degrees and its pneumatic backstop keeps units in place to prevent movement during the bending process. The machine calculates the heating temperature and heating time for the precise accuracy of a bend. The bender also has a stainless steel/aluminum plate cooling system which dissipates the heat faster so that the plastic is not subject to more heat than is necessary. The FA1200 is also larger than the bender it replaced, so bigger parts can be bent with this machine. Coupled with the bender we purchased a couple of years ago we are happy with the growing capacity and special abilities that we are seeing being performed.

Two bends with different angles at the same time

Here at Toolless, we strive to keep on growing and finding new ways to cut production time, increase quality, and keep our customers happy.

Toolless is always in for new challenges.