3D Design Gallery

Take a look at our 3D Design Gallery. By using Solidworks we can create your plastic enclosures in full 3D allowing you to make changes quickly and easily. With this advanced software, we have the flexibility to continually improve the design. This helps to go from 3D model directly to your physical product. The 3D design really helps the customer–and us–be on the same page in regards to the design of an enclosure or housing. Our goal is to make sure that customers are happy with their end product. The 3D drawing helps us with that goal because the customer gets a feel of what they can expect from us. This is specifically important when a customer approaches us with hand-drawn sketches. Sometimes a customer will have a 3D printed model that they want to transform into a product produced the Toolless way.

The design gallery are a couple examples of work that we have provided for out customers. Take a look through the design gallery to get a sense of our capabilities and we can offer.


If you have a 3D model, hand-drawn sketch, or even just a general idea of what it is you may need and would like to create a custom enclosure please Request a Quote today. Our sales team is great at helping customers and figuring out if we are a good fit for you. They are knowledgeable in our plastic including color, thickness, and type. As well as, many years of expertise that they can bring to the field. Our CAD Designers also can provide excellent expertise. They work hard, integrating SolidWorks with our ERP system. This helps to ensure that what they show you are capable with our Toolless Method.

For more of our capabilities, feel free to browse our standard or custom enclosures pages as well.