Custom Plastic Enclosures

What is a custom enclosure?

A custom plastic enclosure is a boxed in object that can be made with various plastic, metal, or really any material that can be fastened together to make the desired shape. Custom enclosures are generally used for electronic devices such as medical diagnostic equipment, card readers at any store, even the laptop that used on a daily bases is an example of a custom enclosure.

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom plastic enclosures. We offer both small and large custom plastic enclosures, simple and complex, no problem. With over 20 years experience in the industry you can trust we will deliver the best plastic enclosures that meet or exceed expectations.

Custom Plastic Enclosures Benefits

Custom plastic enclosures and housings are creative concepts that look incredible and have a clean and professional  finish. They can be built to any spec or size and allow for digital printingmultiple colors, and design flexibility not found in a standard plastic enclosure design. Our internal engineers work with you to achieve your desired enclosure no matter the complexity of design. We prototype virtually any enclosures and cooperate with you to determine the correct fit and finish with the highest quality.

The Toolless Process

The Toolless manufacturing process gives us the ability to have high quality strong design and exceptional engineering with NO MOLDS and NO TOOLING commonly used with injection molding. Eliminating molds and dies, enclosure modifications are easier, faster, and more affordable. With Toolless we deliver plastic enclosures that look and feel like they’ve been injection molded without loss of function or complexity with a much lower cost.

Creative Design

At Toolless we design and create custom plastic enclosure prototypes in 3 to 21 working days that will completely accommodate your components.

Our on staff design team works closely with you to ensure product satisfaction.

Experienced Engineering

Toolless Plastic Solutions employs highly experienced designers and mechanical engineers who can develop new, or modify existing, custom enclosure designs.

Let us help you engineer the perfect enclosure for your business.

High Quality Manufacturing

Toolless’ years of experience and knowledge deliver a high quality custom plastic enclosure to compete side by side with the products in your market.

From paint or digital printing to materials used, our fit & finish exceeds expectations.