We received the production order of indoor enclosures yesterday and they look awesome. The updated sizing is perfect. They are much more functional than our old enclosure (the tripod thread is great) and best of all they are super easy to build – was able to do it with 4 screws vs 18 screws, gluing, and a logo sticker required for our old enclosure. Already shipped a few out to customers yesterday. Thanks for the great work.


David S.

Hi Scott,

We received the enclosure.
The sub rack fits beautifully – thank you for the effort you put into the whole project. I have attached some photos for you to see how it’s coming together.

Thanks again for all your help.
I look forward to working together on the next phase of the project.




The plastic enclosure fits great! Thought you’d like to see.

I’ll have another smaller order for you to quote early next week.


Mark F. Brunyak
Mechanical Designer
IMA North America

I wanted to do something a lot of customers don’t do.  Thank you for stepping up the deliveries in the past few months.  It is greatly appreciated.

We are looking at having a very strong 3Q19 and into 4Q19.  I don’t know the exact numbers yet but it will be a significant increase for you.  As soon as I know some numbers I will let you know.

 Again, whatever you did to improve the lead time is greatly appreciated and we look forward to closing the year out strong.

Gary Latimer
Purchase Manager

Brice, Tina, Lena, Sonya, Scott, and the rest of your Team,

Jon and I agreed to show our appreciation to you and your staff. You have been jumping and running for us and it has made a difference. Your efforts and expediting the custom plastic enclosure has really opened up the doors for us by meeting deadlines for strategic conferences, customers and events. Just today we found out that the largest company in our space is spending half a million dollars on a conference and want to feature our devices as part of it at no cost to us. This is only because you helped moved mountains and get things done by one of our deadlines. Thanks again for making things happen!

From our Staff to Your Staff, Thank You!


Good Afternoon Toolless Team,

The QC Inspector, was very impressed, and tested and inspected enclosure very closely, and found no faults.
I was also impressed with the thicker side wall on enclosure. Great Job! my QC Inspector didn’t find nothing wrong, which is saying a lot, Great Job again.

Thanks again and have a blessed day.


“Halytech contacted Toolless Plastic Solutions two years ago when we were searching for an alternative supplier of housings for our products. After a number of orders, Toolless have become our preferred supplier. Even though we are located in Australia, all deliveries have been fast and hassle free. Toolless have been able to organise everything, including the very competitive air freight rates through their partnership with Fedex.

The generally excellent level of service has been evident in their responses to our requests for minor design changes and production tweaks. These were done quickly and professionally.

Toolless Plastic Solutions may be physically located on the other side of the world, but their performance makes them very much “local” to us.”

Stevan Palos
Halytech Pty Ltd

“The FlightBox project is my first foray into hardware, and offering a rugged, well designed case was a critical part of the project. We initially considered injection molding, but with our volume the cost of tooling would never be recovered. I came across Toolless Plastic Solutions while searching for an affordable alternative. They handled the process of converting our prototype model – which was built for 3D printing – into an in incredibly strong and attractive design that could be manufactured at a price that fit our budget. Brice and his team were responsive, courteous, and professional throughout the project. It took only a week to settle on a design and get a prototype. They made a number of tweaks based on our testing, and were in production a week later.

The Kickstarter campaign and the production effort that followed have been an amazing learning experience. One of the most important lessons – find the right partners. Toolless Plastics has been a great partner and when we move to the next stage, we will be working with them again.”

Steve Sokol
Founder – Open Flight Solutions
Flightbox Kickstarter

“We, Bossa Nova technologies, have been a Toolless customer for more than 7 years. Their technology is a great fit for our needs because they are able to manufacture complex enclosures for low quantity runs with a limited NRE cost. They can accommodate 50 to 100 production units or even larger.

For our specific product, we needed their technical support to design an enclosure around our pre-made metal chassis with a critical issue: we needed to hide the screws and wanted a multicolor housing; they even came up with the idea of using magnets for our side door.  In our market field, aesthetic is very important, so our logo needed to stand out.  The way they integrated the yellow color into the front panel was very cosmetically pleasing.  Furthermore, we needed the case to be easy to assemble, with the top part removable. Toolless did a great job understanding our needs, and after a few tries of different designs, we approved the final rendering. It took them 10 working days after approval to accomplish the prototype.  

We were very pleased when we received the cover, there were of course some adjustments to be made, but it is also part of their process to absorb the modification at no extra cost. They made another 5 modified enclosures for us within 10 days at no additional cost to us.

We have been using Toolless for 3 other projects and have always been delighted with the quality of their product, their customer service and their responsiveness towards our needs. We are launching our new product now and will definitely use Toolless for any projects we may have in the future. “

Sebastien Breugnot,
Bossa Nova Tech

“This is an amazing operation that you guys have.”

Walt Besio,
CRE Medical

“Awesome! Thanks so much for your patience and hard work in getting these to us in a timely manner (and for accommodating my last minute changes J). Your efforts are much appreciated.

We have other up and coming projects that will require enclosures similar to this one. We will certainly look to you guys first before seeking out other suppliers.”

Andre Baca,

“The investment Toolless has made in people and equipment has more than paid off.  Please tell  everyone that this very small, yet very finicky customer, is extremely happy with our order.  I am not easy to please.

I spent 9 years as a quality engineer at Rockwell, and tend to be a perfectionist.

Lastly, your professionalism and diligence in helping evolve our cover is greatly appreciated.”

Dave Braumann,
GWC Technologies Inc.

John DAmours,

“To Toolless Plastic Solutions,

Just a short note to thank your company for its responsiveness and quality of the Plastic Cuff Cover that Toolless manufactures for Futrex.  We realize this is a complex part and appreciate your company’s diligence in manufacturing them always in a timely manner and with high quality.

Futrex would certainly recommend your company to anyone who desires a reasonably priced, high-quality plastic part.  It has been a pleasure working with you.


Carole Rosenthal, President
Futrex, Inc.

“Spectrum International, Inc. is a small high-tech company, which goal is to manufacture inexpensive laser equipment for American dentists.One of the major components of our laser systems are plastic enclosures housing the laser parts. Traditional way of making such enclosures is injection molding, which requires initial investment of tens of thousands of dollars into molding forms. This makes a final product very expensive and not affordable by a general dentist.

Spectrum, like other Toolless customers, benefited from that through new technological options, shortened order delivery times and improved quality of the products. All these positive changes happened in major part due to technological expertise and managerial skills of  Mr. Brice Benard. Mr. Benard’s current efforts are directed towards ISO certification of the company that, in turn, will significantly enhance company ranking in the United States as well as abroad.

Since its inception and until now, Toolless Plastic Technologies is the only company in the United States that is able to make custom plastic parts inexpensively without molds by using machining technology developed in France. Toolless has been providing Spectrum with plastic enclosures since 2002 though at that time design capabilities and throughputs were very limited.”

George Bekov, President
Spectrum International, Inc.