U Box Enclosure

U Box Plastic Enclosure Projects

All our plastic enclosures are custom made and adjustable to your specifications, without molds or tooling. The enclosures below are examples to illustrate our capabilities, our fabrication process is not limited to these designs.

Narrow Enclosure

This 4 piece enclosure was custom made to accommodate a long and narrow circuit board. The snap-in feature (called clip cut) allows the two parts to lock the enclosure and secure the PCB snuggly. A screw driver will pop the enclosure open thanks to a little slot on the side. The recess on top is for a label and the slot pattern on front is for aesthetics. This sleek enclosure came with a frontal curve and comes in many different colors and different slot pattern.

Small Enclosure

This black plastic enclosure is one of our smallest designs.  We use the same concept of snap-in features. A slot on the side allows access to pop off the top. This is our basic model that demonstrates capabilities well. The logo on top comes from our digital printer and again we can produce this plastic enclosure with different colors and different logos.

Sleek Curved Enclosure

This is a sleek variation of our U- Box style plastic enclosure. The front curvature gives this device a distinctive look, along with a very special engraving. This, surprisingly, uses the same process as the other 2 units above, proving again the flexibility of our process. A few holes for connectors are milled on the side.

Custom Engraved

A flat variation of our flexible and adjustable design, engraved on top and milled for connector holes access. Snap-in features on the side, same as above.