Materials Selection

Materials Used

One of the key elements of our process is the utilization of plastic sheets that are pre-colored and textured. Because the material is available in an unlimited combination of chemical composition, colors, gauges, and textures, we can offer a material for the most demanding applications. PEI Stocked Materials At Toolless, we have developed a list of stock materials that the majority of our customers prefer to use for their enclosures. However, if your enclosure will require a type, color, thickness, or texture that is not one of our standard stock materials, we will gladly source whatever you need in the most economical quantities possible. Here is a list of materials we currently use:

General Purpose ABS (UL94_HB):

ALLEN® 552/LXS is a general purpose ABS that has high impact strength. It’s is available in white,black, light grey and dark grey in 3mm (.118”), 4mm (.157”), 6mm (.236”) and 8mm (.314”).

Flame Retardant ABS (UL94 V0):

Royalite Thermoplastic sheet can be processed on all thermoforming equipment. It is available in black and white in 3mm (.118”).

Boltaron (UL94_V0):

Boltaron 4335 is a proprietary, fire retardant, extruded Acrylic/PVC Alloy sheet. Boltaron 4335 offers a UL 94 V-0 rating, excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, rigidity and thermoformability. Boltaron 4335 is cost competitive with FR ABS but offers superior performance.

Polycarbonate (UL94_HB):

TUFFAK GP polycarbonate sheet is a polished surface, UV stabilized, transparent polycarbonate product. It features outstanding impact strength, superior dimensional stability, high-temperature resistance, and high clarity.


PETG is a transparent thermoplastic sheet material with outstanding thermoformability and good impact resistance. PETG is an excellent choice for applications that require durability, deep draw thermoforming, and clarity.

Acrylic OPTIX:

Impact and weather resistant, crystal clear or colored, Plaskolite OPTIX is a versatile, general-purpose acrylic sheet.