Tolerances and Repeatability

Machining Tolerances 

•All parts are designed as flat patterns 

•We try to machine only one side – opposite side machining doubles labor required per piece.   –Tongues & grooves may be added with a saw or table router.   –Template; break out part, drop into template for opposite side machining

 •+/- .2 mm tolerance for template •+/- .4 mm tolerance from reverse side features to front side features 

•Single cutter concept – Quick and easy   

–2 mm, single flute, carbide cutters used 95% of the time  
–Also 3 mm & 6 mm cutters  
–CNC routers very fast
– optimized for speed, compromised for rigidity and accuracy  
–Don’t pretend to be a machining center!  
–1 person runs up to 10 machines; no tool changes, no cutter resets  
–Average product comprised of 8 pieces and 2 thicknesses  
–Sheet change plus set up for new part in 30 seconds  
–Sheet change plus set up for new project in 45 seconds

 •Tongue:  1.8 mm wide x 1 mm deep         Groove:   2 mm wide x 1.2 mm deep

–Don’t model/CAD/design in if to be solvent bonded by Tool-Less 

•Tolerance:  +/- .2 mm (.008”) 

•Csk added as post operation or machined in by CNC mill. 

•Parts not broken out till after machining process is complete – no handling of individual parts until absolutely necessary. 

•Flashing designed to provide rigid holding points during machining and is easily broken out after.