High Quality Plastic Enclosures

Our goal is to accommodate our customers’ needs and requirements whenever possible. As a supplier of custom plastic enclosures, we provide an engineering staff that is able to make your design a reality. Toolless Plastic Solutions employs experienced designers and mechanical engineers who develop new or modify existing plastic enclosure designs. Furthermore, due to the uniqueness of our plastic manufacturing process, our engineering team works directly with your company during their preliminary design stage. This eliminates future problems, reduces lead-times, and improves overall plastic enclosure quality.

In order to provide the widest variety of design capabilities for developing plastic enclosures, we use SolidWorks as our primary design tool. Using this sophisticated program allows our engineers to draw upon our own library of designs and models to create a full 3D solidworks model. Then, using the software and specially written automation programs, we can further develop the detailed designs and manufacturing files needed to fabricate the plastic enclosure panels. We also provide the 3D models in multiple extensions (prt. Igs. stp. stl. sldprt.) so you can see what your product will looks like.

Finally, due to the short lead-times involved with our plastic enclosure manufacturing process, we have setup our engineering department in a cross-functional matrix configuration. In this structure, each project is assigned to an individual engineer who is our internal “project manager”, responsible for the successful completion of the plastic enclosure design through delivery.

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