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Custom Enclosures for Your Electronics

Electronic enclosures, also known as electronic housings, are plastic cases that house electronic components. Common applications for these project boxes include; computers, gaming consoles, and medical equipment.

Generally speaking, a plastic case provides the means to hold the electronics safely and securely. In other words, the housings also serve to protect electrical components from any risks to the circuit board. Some of these risks include weather, liquid spills, accidental impact, shocks, and vibration.

Toolless Plastic Solutions has been working to build project enclosures for over 20 years. We have the experience and technology to design and build custom plastic electrical enclosures. Above all, we design and produce enclosures without molds or tooling.

Electronic Enclosures That Meet Your Needs

From initial contact, our team will work with you to create high-quality custom electronic housing. We will meet your needs. We have people on the design team that range from industrial engineers to designers, work to bring your vision to life.

No matter the color, design, or size we can do it. This enables us to produce a plastic box that precisely meets your objectives.

Our design team provides excellent customer service to meet the client’s needs. We find out the strength and proper material for your application. Our mechanical and industrial engineers work to create a 3-D model that meets your needs.

As your custom plastic box order moves from design to prototype, then to production, Toolless begins testing. We test the product and ongoing design improvement to ensure that the product will perform as required.

 “My circuit board enclosure is so specific that I need a custom electronic enclosure. The off the shelf enclosures won’t fit my design and I’m desperately trying to find a suitable solution.”

Every day we help customers who ask this question. These are customers who were searching for abs plastic boxes to house their custom circuit boards. Hence, Toolless is set apart from off-the-shelf enclosure manufacturers.

Toolless Plastic Solutions operates by providing an easy and inexpensive solution to your plastic enclosure needs. By using our pre-programmed structures, we can incorporate any circuit board into our assembly line. Finally, the manufacturing process begins.

Our CNC machines will cut the ABS plastic for the housings, ports, risers, and buttons. Furthermore, as seen in the example, the mounting holes will also be produced.

Custom circuit board enclosures are readily made by Toolless. In any event, a custom PCB enclosure is just one example of custom electronic housing.

Cost Effective Electronic Housing with a Quick Turn Around

The Tooling for injecting or extruding plastic enclosures can be expensive. All in all, at Toolless Plastic Solutions we design and manufacture your projects with our “low cost” approach and manufacturing process.

Our design and manufacturing process produces cases that meet or exceed the quality of injection molding. Even so, at Toolless we have the experience and technology to design and manufacture in weeks, not months. Housings for your electronics are made affordably and quickly. We do this without the upfront investment or added lead time typically needed for Tooling.

Electronic Enclosure
Electronic Enclosure