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Custom Acrylic Electronic Enclosures & Plexiglas Enclosures

With over 25 years of experience, Toolless Plastics has successfully implemented our “tongue and groove” process. We use this process for clear acrylic plastic enclosures such as reptile cages or display cases.

We are also able to incorporate acrylic sheets into plastic enclosures that require a viewing window or barcode reader. Usually, the process requires a laser cut in order to create a clean and precise cut. However, we have adjusted our CNC parameter to look like a laser cut. This allows us to delicately cut the plastic without shattering. 

At Toolless we are always up for a challenge. Our engineers have worked hard to accommodate this advanced technology by hiding glue directly into the acrylic enclosure.

This creates a seamless look on the acrylic electronics enclosure, while firmly holding the window in place on custom electronic enclosures. Since these parts require specific glue and special attention. We have made sure that our crew is well-trained and detail-oriented to produce high-quality custom electronic enclosures.

We work with Acrylic sheets, Polycarbonate, PETG, and other types of plastics in many different colors or thicknesses. The colored plastic allows the viewer to watch the internal procedure of a device without damaging eyes. Whether the plastic is transparent, translucid, or frosted, Toolless has all the competencies. We will mill, form, and glue in order to meet any customer demands.

Electronic Projects

Acrylic enclosures or Plexiglas enclosures work perfectly for parts displays and point of sales units. However, is much more durable and affordable than glass. It has many different applications where the design would allow one to see the insides of a product. This includes raspberry pi, wall mount, handheld you name it.

This has allowed circuit boards to be visible from the outside. This is mainly for aesthetics so that our customers can show their customers what their device is all about. This is largely, due to our ability to enclose a circuit board so the end-user can easily see-through.



We have used colored acrylic to create a tinted window. This allows for the visibility of internal processes for a medical device. The tint makes sure that the internal specimen isn’t damaged by light touching it.

A medical professional can still monitor and witness the internal procedure. Similarly, we are able to create plastic enclosures with a smoked look. This allows light to escape without creating total visibility.

Logo and Misc. Accessories

We are able to use our digital printer for logos and labels with fine, colorful, detail. We have digitally printed on the back of acrylic, which when added to plastic enclosures creates an offset logo look.

Through careful bending of clear acrylic, we can create a cover and use hinges and captive screws. This allows for easy access, as well as visibility into a plastic enclosure.

Customer Creativity

Customers have been very creative in the ways that they have asked us to create custom enclosures with acrylic. For instance, we have made display cases for sentimental customizable gifts out of Plexiglas. We’ve also successfully have used acrylic to create enclosures for customers who are looking for a smooth surface. Unlike, traditional texture surfaces with ABS Plastic, Acrylic offers a smooth surface.

We specifically made a lens for a customer that needs to see a laser through the plastic. The customer selected the frosted acrylic through a range of acrylic that we offer. He sent us the enclosure the lens was going into and we adjusted the lens itself to fit the enclosure. Simple but very efficient to get away from the glass.

In some cases, we have used Polycarbonate sheets because it is a sturdier plastic than Acrylic. We usually use this material when there is a need for folding the plastic. It is also used for withstanding higher heat and other outdoor conditions.

Acrylic can also replace light pipes in some custom cases. For example, a long window can be used when there are multiple lights in a row. The window gets glued into place, which is proven to be more reliable.

A Better Look

Acrylic can also be used in order to decorate an enclosure. The basic shape can be square, but the acrylic can bring an appealing look thanks to its shine and color options.

We use this technique for many medical applications. Using one color for the main body, and bringing an aesthetic appeal with some colored acrylic touches here and there. This changes a rectangular enclosure to an advanced, high-quality designed enclosure that is comparable to an injection molding finish.

The big advantage of using a decoration cap as opposed to injection molding is that it doesn’t require painting. The multiple acrylic color option means we don’t need to spray paint any of our enclosures. This allows our customers to cut costs without affecting the look of their enclosures.

Toolless Plastics has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help you design any type of enclosure shape without limitations. Contact us to talk about your next Plexiglas enclosure, acrylic case, clear plastic box.

Acrylic Enclosures
Acrylic Enclosures
Acrylic Enclosures