Affordable Prototyping

Plastic Enclosure Prototypes

Toolless’ aim is to make affordable plastic enclosures by making plastic enclosure prototypes to test in your market unrivaled by off the shelf enclosures in the versatility of design.

Toolless Plastic Solutions compares favorably with injection molded parts in appearance, finishing, and durability with a minimal non-recurring engineering charge.

For this reason, our CAD Designers work with you through the prototyping phase to ensure that your product is what you’re looking for. We will not start production until we receive a signed approval from a 3D model sent directly to the customer. Occasionally, this may require having your PCB or internal parts sent to Toolless to help test fit that your prototype will function as required.

  • We offer off-the-shelf pricing for custom plastic enclosure prototypes.
  • Modifications to your affordable plastic enclosures at a very limited cost.
  • Due to our unique technology, there are no tooling or mold costs.
  • Send us your 3D model and we can easily create an affordable plastic enclosure today.
Affordable Plastic Enclosure

Toolless Plastic Solutions offers off-the-shelf pricing for custom plastic enclosures with the advantage of time and quality. A new mold is required if changes are made with thermoforming, or injection molding technologies. This increases your cost with every modification. With Toolless Plastic Solutions, there is no need for a new mold, and our in-house CAD Designers will modify the part quickly with minimal cost. Changes can occur between production runs, and sometimes even during a production run. It depends, on where the units are in production and what the change is.