Digital Printing

Need Better Graphics For Your Enclosure?

Toolless is always searching for different ways to optimize its production quality and speed. For that reason, we invested in a digital printing order to give you the best print, better graphic, more colorful, and no limits on the number of colors. Your images will show finer and more detailed. It also offers a better adhesion on plastic than standard silk-screening, and as always, no Tools are necessary to operate the machine.

Digital Printing on Plastic Parts

Digital printing on plastic parts is a way for businesses to brand their enclosures but also to bring them to life. Nobody wants to have a boring enclosure gray and dreary reminding people of funerals. Toolless Plastic Solutions will pave the way to a great looking design that also has color and identity. Let Toolless be the solution for digital printing on plastic parts of your enclosure.

We have expanded our digital printing capability with 2 machines dedicated for either prototype or production, our printing possibilities have become endless

Some amazing performance for small parts and prototype. High speed and great resolution.

  • Produce incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates
  • Limitless possibilities – print on everything from metals and plastics to wood, ceramic tiles and glass
  • Create both flat and attention-grabbing raised TEXTUR3D™ prints
  • Fastest print times in the industry
  • Industrial strength capabilities – handle the thickest, heaviest substrates
  • Industry-leading print quality – accurate, high-resolution, repeatable prints, even on challenging surfaces
  • White Ink Circulation System automatically circulates the entire white ink tank and lines (standard on most models)
  • Variable dot per color capability
  • The fastest, easiest cylindrical/bottle printing in the industry with our EasyCyl attachment**

Outstanding performance in production and speed. One of the best printer for Z offset, allows Toolless to print after assembly.

The Eagle, unlike normal printers, was created to answer to industrial needs of flexible and high quality prints without reduce the output volumes. The Eagle versatility comes from both the variable height up to 250mm and the high performance UV Led inks that allow to print on almost any material. The piezoelectric print head is equipped with a double UV Led lamp to cure the ink during the print without further processing, saving time, money and increasing the output. Moreover the unique design of The Eagle with one side completely open allow to insert very bulky materials.

With Eagle printers you can print on almost every material, even heat sensitive ones. The Eagle Line is the belt variant of the Eagle series, it detect automatically the objects to print realizing prints with an accurate and costant positioning and is customizable to every object to create a continuos printing line.

Data Sheet: Download Here

We can print on all type of plastics, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate and Boltaron and all gauges.