Fast Turnaround

Enclosures To Turn Around Quickly

From design to production in a mater of weeks! The Toolless plastic manufacturing process allows you to create custom plastic enclosures. We do it in weeks, not months. And, because we do not use molds or tooling, modifications to your design are quick and easy. Our in-house engineers are able to make any small changes within a day for a minimal cost with no need to modify a mold or make a new prototype.

When you are in need of a fast, quality plastic enclosure, Toolless Plastic Solutions is here. We are able to receive your design and quote it within 48 hours. Once the quote is accepted we proceed with the prototype phase which usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. The time it takes depends on the difficulties of the each enclosure design.

The manufacturing process then takes two weeks or more depending of the volume of demand in the shop. In the end you have a quick and easy plastic enclosure. All made flexible, affordable, and meets your quick turnaround time needs.

With our process, we take your enclosure from design, to 3d model, to prototype, to manufacturing faster than any other process. Please click on any of the images below to see a gallery of our past enclosures.

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At Toolless Plastic Solutions we strive everyday to increase the quality, deadline and pricing of our services.

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