Blanket Order Program

Need Volume Production? Toolless can help with Blanket Order

Blanket Order

At Toolless Plastic Solutions, we not only specialize in prototypes and small runs, but we also work with many companies for their volume production runs. Our flexibility and expertise give us the ability to run low to medium production runs without the financial risk of carrying inventory. Furthermore, by placing a blanket order we are able to match your scheduled needs.  With a volume quantity order (10-5000 units) we can provide volume pricing and pass those savings on to you. In order to take advantage of our volume production, you can decide on which method works best for your company. Get injection molding per-unit price without the mold or tooling expenses.

  • Single Large Order
  • Re-order Agreements (Order/Re-order throughout the year)
  • Scheduled Orders/Shipments (Blanket Order)

Single Large Orders

Order your total amount for volume production at the time you need it. With this in mind, the lead time would be three weeks after receipt of PO. Consequently, depending on the complexity of your enclosure Toolless has the ability to run up to 5000 units in a timely manner. Have our Sales Department quote production runs for you to capitalize on our volume pricing.

Re-order Agreements

We work within your schedule to ensure product availability with minimal lead time. A re-order agreement can be set up to give you shorter lead times on re-order and production priority over new orders.

Scheduled Order/Shipments

Define your primary schedule set up to deliver quarterly, monthly, annually or bi-annually, for easy product management. This gives your company the ability to maintain products on your shelf without having to maintain the inventory carrying costs.

Contact us today, Toolless would be happy to quote any and all projects you have.