Custom Raspberry Pi Cases & Custom Raspberry Pi Enclosures

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we are able to use our technology of No Mold, No Tooling to create custom Raspberry Pi cases. We allow for the customization of the number and size of holes, over dimensions, standoff additions, LED light pipes, acrylics screens, and more. This customization allows you to create Raspberry Pi Enclosure unique to your needs and even place your company logo via digital printing to help stand out from the crowd.

Featured Custom Raspberry Pi Cases

Here is below a few examples of custom plastic enclosures utilizing a Raspberry Pi Board:

Raspberry Pi Zero

Time Management Controller Case | Raspberry Pi Zero

One of our first Raspberry Pi cases. This customer needed access to all connectors through the front panel of the enclosure for a ribbon cable. We made a large cutout to enable the connections. Our customer also wanted his enclosure to be cosmetically pleasing, with his logo on the top. We accomplished this by combining different colored plastics in his case, white and red, and printed his logo on the top.

Raspberry Pi Pico

Diabetes Adjuster Box | Raspberry Pi 4 B

This is a screen communication interface device, connecting via the jack on the side of the circuit board. The micro USB connector is on the back providing a sleek look, which was our customer’s priority. We designed a two-color enclosure with rounded corners. Thanks to our zero-tooling process, we made two prototype iterations at no extra cost, before moving to production.

Raspberry Pi 3+

Energy Saver Case | Raspberry Pi 3

This one-color enclosure is exclusively made for this customer. It offers multiple options for the end-user. The customer needed a fast and easy solution to house his board. As this device is a small computer; access to all connectors including a power supply was needed in a configuration as small as possible. The resulting product is user-friendly.

Raspberry Pi 4

Checkpoint Case | Raspberry Pi 4

A unique and sleek design with punch-out options is included for this custom plastic enclosure. The main circuit board is mounted on 4 bosses. In addition, a display board is mounted on the top of the mainboard. The display shows through a non-glare acrylic insert, and some connectors protrude out of the enclosure.

Getaway Secure Housing | Raspberry Pi 4

A special indent area on 3 different surfaces of the enclosure to stick a custom label. The 4 USB ports and power ports are exposed. The customer wanted the end-user to open the enclosure to access the SD card, and enclose the HDMI and audio. Four additional fastener tabs were created to secure the Pi enclosure closed.

Do You Need A Custom Raspberry Pi Enclosure or Case?

A Raspberry Pi is a small and inexpensive, self-contained computer on a printed circuit board.  It enables engineers to integrate computing into products easily and at an affordable cost. Such projects are simplified due to the small circuit board size and many options to easily connect to devices such as TVs, video games, controllers, and other electronic products.

Since a Raspberry Pi is simply a circuit board with various computer chips; it can be added to a system that has space and prepared mounting to accept it. However, new applications, projects, and products will typically require a case or housing to protect and hold the Raspberry Pi board safely and securely.

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Custom Raspberry Pi Cases by Toolless

Toolless provides low-cost custom plastic cases and enclosures for the various Pi generations. We produce these mounting boxes quickly and efficiently for your specific project application. Our manufacturing process enables us to customize the design to your specifications and build prototypes in small to medium size production runs without the cost or lead time for molds or expensive tools. Due to the inherent efficiency and low setup costs of our production methods, our lead times are as short as 3-4 weeks! And your cost is low!

Toolless is able to design cases for various Raspberry Pi Models including; 1, 2, 3, and 4. The connectors and position of the connectors vary for each model and application. We will accommodate your specific mounting and connection configuration as well as your environmental requirements.

The Raspberry Pi “computer” changed and simplified electronic applications in a positive way. As a result of the popularity of Raspberry Pi, injection molding manufacturers took advantage of the large demand and created standard cases to meet this need.

Many engineers were stuck with these standard “off-the-shelf” enclosures. They were unable to readily adjust these hard plastic cases for electronics to facilitate more advanced projects. A few variations of the enclosure came onto the market such as Beaglebones, banana pi, Arduino, Cubieboard, Adafruit, orange pi, etc.

It is very difficult to find an enclosure that can combine different boards together to meet custom applications.

The Toolless Solution

Toolless brings a superior approach to your Custom Raspberry PI Case needs. We offer a cost-effective solution for your custom enclosures. Whatever the size, the number of cutouts, print style, or the number of boards in an enclosure, Toolless can accommodate your needs.

There is no need for you or us to design and build a mold, or even for you to prepare drawings or design your own case. We do it for you at a very affordable cost with our enclosure design package. This package includes an engineered 3D model and prototype with no minimum order quantity.

Toolless has designed and produced a number of custom enclosures for Beaglebone and Arduino cases. Below are examples of past projects: 

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