Wall Mount Enclosures

Wall Mount Enclosures

Plastic enclosures come in many sizes and functionalities and while sometimes being handheld might be important, other times it’s the capability of having the project box being mounted to a wall. This type of enclosure is referred to as a wall mount enclosure.

Mounted units are indoor or outdoor plastic enclosures, whose purpose is to maintain a singular position. There are a couple of benefits this brings. One is that it can be larger than a handheld, without taking up unnecessary space. A second benefit is that electronic components can stay safe and protected from damage that may occur when placed on the ground or unsecured to a desk.

Manufacturing Process

At Toolless Plastic Solutions our products are manufactured in our facility located in Everett. We use a sheet of ABS plastic (or another suitable plastic material). We cut, bend, and assemble the sheet to create a plastic enclosure. Our technique is similar to sheet metal production which uses a single sheet to create a stainless steel box except in our case it’s a plastic box. Using plastic for the material creates a lighter option for people looking to enclose their electronic components.

Our engineers program the project box into the system, which allows for our CNC machines to cut the plastic using high-precision routing tools. From CNC the sheet of plastic goes to digital printing (when applicable), bending, and eventually to the assembly where standoffs, inserts, acrylic windows, and more are fitted into the enclosure. Assembly is really where the unit finally begins to really look like something more than just a sheet of plastic, it starts to look like an enclosure.

Painting, Color, and EMI Shielding

 Toolless has the ability to add color. In the stainless steel world, powder coating is most used, however with ABS plastic we use a wet paint technique to add color to your enclosure. This allows for a wide range of color options and the paint is applied after production to limit scratching and scuffs.

The ability to paint the ABS grants customers a wide range of options beyond the boring white, gray, or black of traditional ABS plastic. We use bright vibrant colors to make your enclosure stand out against a wall!

Contact our Sales Team or visit our Materials page to learn more about ABS plastic and the other plastics we offer.

Due to the purpose and components of a wall mount enclosure, we also offer EMI Shielding. EMI Shielding is a special conductive paint that evenly coats the inside of an enclosure. We test the paint and plastic to ensure conductivity before continuing manufacturing. This shielding helps to protect your internal mechanisms from radio frequency interference if you have sensitive electronics.


Our enclosures come in various shapes, sizes, and purposes. Due to the possibility of variability, we have adapted many of our Toolless techniques to make sure that we can offer our capabilities for a wall mount enclosure.

These techniques include tongue and groove technology to join parts; digital printing of logos, signs, and labels; battery compartments; multiple ports, and unique cutouts. Most of the time, the enclosure has side flanges extension with holes. This has 2 advantages. First, it fits our process well. Secondly, it keeps the overall rigidity since the flanges are part of the main housing.

Mounting Features

Wall Mount Enclosure

To aid in the mounting of the enclosure onto a wall, we offer keyhole cutouts. We can work with you to discuss the location, size, and amount of keyholes that would be best for your project box. This depends on the size, weight, and purpose. For instance, for a sharp clean look placing the keyholes on the back is an option. This makes it so the mount easily slides onto a screw. Another example is having the keyholes located on the side of the enclosure for easier mounting.

 An important component for wall mount enclosures can sometimes be the accessibility of the interior components. This means having turn latches and hinges for the single door feature. The turn latch allows for the enclosure to securely close and lock until access is necessary. Hinges aid in the turn latch mechanism so that the mount can stay a singular unit. This removes the need of having lids or removable parts.

LCD Screen Features

Wall Mount Enclosure

Similar to handheld devices, these enclosures can have LCD mounting holes. This allows for screen adaptation to devices. A touch screen on a medical device allows for quick and easy access during an emergent scenario.

An LCD screen displaying data helps to monitor the temperature in a house. Whether your screen is small and is showing a temperature check or time, or large and displaying medical information we can create a cutout for the necessary screen size.