A letter from Ford Vice President

Dear Valued Supplier,

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we continue to be amazed by those who are helping in all aspects of the crisis – especially hospital staffs, emergency responders, police and firefighters, as well as the employees of Ford Motor Company and our trusted suppliers. The world is in a time of need, and together we are stepping up to the challenge, using our unique skills to help quickly scale production and deliver much-needed medical supplies and equipment in meaningful numbers.

Giving back is the heart and soul of Ford Motor Company. When crises have happened in the past, we have been there to do all we can. We can see that it is the same for your company. We want to personally thank you and your teams for working tirelessly to produce heath care components, products, services and supplies in record time.

We salute you and all of the goodness you are helping to create.


Jim Baumbick
Vice President