Printing : On flat parts or after bending?

One of my customers recently asked me if we could digitally print on an existing enclosure that they had already purchased. Considering that about 85% of our business is printed on flat pieces of plastic with a nominal thickness of 3mm this was a legitimate question.

The answer is “Yes, we can!”

We purposely chose a printer which has a bigger Z-offset than any other digital printer out there, with a table bed that can go down as far as 11″ (300mm).

 Here are 3 Case Options, which can be addressed with Toolless capabilities:

 – Option 1: We print on a flat part prior to bending. This option represents more than 80% of our production. It allows for multiple prints and large quantities to be printed at the same time. The size of the print bed (67″ x 24″) determines the number of parts we can fit on it at any one time. 

– Option 2: We can print on a part after bending or assembly. We make a lot of multicolored enclosures either by using different colored plastics or painting the enclosures after assembly. The 11″ Z-offset printer allow us to print on surfaces after painting, using different setups than option 1.

Printing after painting may not be the only reason that we would use this option. Recently we had a customer who realized, after the fact, that he needed his logo printed on top of the enclosure. He sent the parts back to us and we were able to print his design.  He was happy to receive a “branded” enclosure with his logo on it.

– Option 3: A new customer has been buying a case for a long time (not necessarily from us), but the company that makes the enclosure does not have the capability to print after extrusion—whether it’s injection molding or a standard enclosure. Obviously, the enclosure does not come flat. They can send it to us and similarly to Option 2, we can digitally print on the enclosure a design or logo as necessary.

The printer we are using can print on any surface: plastic (ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate), aluminum, steel, and wood. There is no limitation in height or subtracts, and that is what sets us apart from our competition.

Toolless is always a step ahead. Don’t hesitate to request a quote for printing on your enclosure at any time!


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