Update on Covid-19

How has the Coronavirus affected Us?

We at Toolless Plastic take safety and health very seriously. Being in Everett, WA we are surrounded by daily developments of confirmed cases. Each day brings with it new developments statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. We are monitoring the situation while not panicking.

Our employees are educated on the matter and we are constantly sanitizing any high touch areas to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. It is hard to run a CNC machine from home; however, the health of our employees is important, and they are encouraged to stay home if they deem it to be necessary. Still we are taking what precautions we can so that the manufacturing of enclosures stays continual without pause.

We understand the reality of this virus and are in contact with our suppliers and vendors. So far, we are faring better than the toilet paper at Costco as our suppliers are still able to deliver plastic raw material, inserts, standoffs, handles, hinges, EMI Shielding, magnets and more in a timely manner. This has ensured that our on-time delivery has not been impacted, so that our customers do not have to be concerned.

We have been very fortunate so far and we will notify you if anything changes.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Twyla Godwin – Office administrator