Manufacturing Improvement Process

Our second printer is up and running, and all the modifications to our production floor have been implemented successfully. Our lead time is now back to a reasonable 3 to 4 weeks.

In the meantime, we have incorporated a new bender to our production line, which is faster, reliable, and more durable. We are in the process of ordering a second bending machine to replace our aged bender. Our Fagor Retrofit is fully active now, and our CNC is operating 3 shifts.

In mid-November we started a new “lead-time-analysis” to better predict a lead time specific to every customer and product. We have integrated this tool with our current MRP system so that we can improve our on-time-delivery. Since initiating we have been able to improve our performance and have managed to increase our OTD. Our goal is to consistently reach 90% OTD.