Introducing “You Design” by Toolless

Introducing Toolless Plastic Solutions New Product Design Tool
Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to design custom plastic enclosures? Look no further than Toolless Plastic Solutions’ new product designer tool. This revolutionary online software is the perfect solution for creating customized housings, cases, and enclosures without molds or tooling.

The first step in using the product designer tool is to select from one of eight pre-designed templates.

The second step is to customize your settings including rotation view, exploded view, default specifications, and dimensions.

Step three requires users to select their extension file from 69 different 3D extension files or graphic files.

Fourth, users must create/sign in to their account before downloading their model as a ZIP file.

The fifth step allows customers to customize their model by adding cutouts, holes, or vents if desired or they may also ask Toolless for design help.

Finally, customers can submit their 3D model for a quote by emailing, or calling 425-493-1223 with any questions they may have about the process.

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we take pride in providing quick turnarounds and hassle-free quoting without requiring expensive molds or tooling costs for our client’s custom plastic enclosure needs. Our expertise in this industry has allowed us to become one of the top plastic enclosure manufacturers for electronics and medical equipment as well as handheld enclosures and other types of housings that you may require.

The flexibility offered by our manufacturing process ensures proper fit and finish on every electronic housing we produce so that your projects come out just right! With over 20 years of experience in the medical industry alone, we have helped numerous mechanical engineers, doctors, nurses physical therapists and lab technicians bring innovative inventions to life through custom-designed plastic medical enclosures; all created quickly and easily with the help of our product designer tool!

We invite you to explore how easy it is to create your own custom housings today with Toolless Plastic Solutions’ new product designer tool – no molds required! Contact us today at or call 425-493-1223 with any questions you may have about designing plastic enclosures with ease!

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