Get To Know Toolless Plastic Solutions

At Toolless Plastic Solutions, we understand that your electronics need to be housed in an enclosure that will protect them and look great. That’s why we specialize in custom plastic enclosures for all types of electronic products. We offer quick turnarounds, free quotes, no molds or tooling required and our customer service is top-notch – earning us a 5 star rating from our customers. 

Our process begins with project conception and design. Our on-staff engineering team will help you design and prototype a plastic casing to your specifications. Our engineers are qualified to ensure that your electronic enclosures live up to the very highest of standards. At our in-house manufacturing facility, we start with flat sheets of plastic and mill them on our CNC machines before incorporating precision sawing machines to help speed up production control of the unique tongue and groove feature. The plastic is then formed by bending and assembled by solvent bonding using a specific chemical reaction. 

We also offer value-added services such as etching, part marking, engraving, and digital printing so that you get a fully customized product every time. This combination of unique people, unique machines and unique technology comparable to sheet metal brought to plastic allows us to create custom near injection molded quality plastic cases for electronics quickly, easily, and affordably – with changes being able to be made swiftly along the way if needed. 

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we take pride in providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process; from project inception right through delivery of the final ready-to-use product – making sure it fits perfectly into its intended application! We have countless success stories of our customers who have been delighted with their results when working with us – one example being a company who had an idea for a medical device but were unsure how they could bring it into fruition without spending too much money or time – they came to us at Toolless Plastic Solutions and couldn’t believe how quickly their vision was turned into reality! 

If you’re looking for high-quality custom electronic enclosures look no further than Toolless Plastic Solutions – where quick turnarounds, free quotes, no molds or tooling required and unparalleled customer service come together to provide you with the perfect solution for any application!