Our new Printer has arrived!

We are very excited to announce the arrival and set up of our brand new TX9060V UV Printer!

We have been researching for a new UV printer that could pair well with our two Eagle 60UV printers that we have successfully been using. Our goal was to find a UV printer that had similar capabilities of printing on plastic parts. We needed something that was smaller in size, versatile, detail-oriented, could create colorful logos, and be able to print successfully on the variety of plastic that we have available.

The TX9060V printer was just what we were looking for. After a long wait and transportation delays due to COVID, we were very excited when the box finally arrived. Just like a kid on Christmas morning, we were eager to set it up and test her out. Not only was the printer shiny and vibrant on the outside, but its printing capabilities have been just as shiny and vibrant.

Unveiled and waiting for setup 

It has been fun to learn a new RIP program and setting up images and testing out different colors, logos, sizes, and speeds. No customer’s parts were harmed in the experimenting. We want to fine-tune and properly know the ins and outs of the different printing options so that the machine will be best utilized. Just like with any new printer (or machine) there are things to learn and figure out. What does this button do? When we change this setting how does that affect what is printed? It has been continual experimenting and learning.

We will continue to use CMYK for our color schematics, so that logos, images, and print between machines will be indistinguishable once this printer is full integrated into our workflow. It was important to us, that when we decided to buy a printer that was different than the ones, we had that the result would be the same. However, there is no doubt that once we have completed training and setup that the printer will be an amazing addition to the Printing Family at Toolless

TX906V Setup and Ready-To-Go

The TX9060V has a smaller, vacuum bed compared to the Eagle 60V printers, which makes it ideal for small parts. Being able to have this smaller bed for small parts will really help to prevent bottlenecks from happening in printing and keep the flow smooth and consistent. As you can see in the pictures, despite us saying “smaller bed” the printing bed is still a rather good size and could be used for 90% of our printing jobs without incidence.  The bed has a strong vacuum option to keep parts in place during printing so that there is no shifting or movement happening. This is an important feature to have for our printing as the last thing our customers need is a logo that has shifted due to the movement of parts on the bed.

We are continually implementing new machinery to prevent bottlenecks, increase production flow, and better serve our customers. We aim to always improve on what we do and how it can be done in a more efficient manner, with the end goal being our customers’ satisfaction. There is no doubt that adding this printer to our facility was a great idea and will benefit our customers as well as production flow. Stay tuned for our next addition! Who knows what it will be…?