Toolless Announces New Platform Coming December!

Toolless Plastic Solutions is always a step ahead and continues to be proactive in its market. This is why we are excited to announce the launch of a new website that is fully owned and proprietary to Toolless: ElectroniCase. As Toolless continually brings innovation, we have worked hard to create a platform for our customers to provide an instant quote for easily designed boxes, such as the C Box and U Box. 

ElectroniCase will be a website which will allow our customers to:

  • Obtain an online quote instantly
  • Make decisions easily
  • Rapid prototyping phase
  • Receive an enclosure that is made in the USA
  • No wasted downtime


ElectroniCase will be a website that will allow for quick modifications to a range of pre-designed enclosures that are already in our SolidWorks library. These enclosures will have the ability to have their size modified as well as changing the location, number, and type of cutouts. The design feature also allows for certain features to be added or removed (such as standoffs, bosses, etc.) at a click of a button.

Once the type of enclosure is chosen and modifications are inputted, a customer has the opportunity to receive a quote instantly. The quote provides the customer with a great launching point to start a conversation and even place an order for prototype and into production. *


The launch for ElectroniCase is scheduled for December 1st! We have worked diligently to make this website possible and are proud to announce that it is almost complete as we continue to tweak and alter options. Once the site is launched, customers will be able to explore the options, receive quotes, and even place orders.


LTP, our sister company in France, started to work on the European version of ElectroniCase over 10 years ago. Originally it did not meet the US Market needs and was complicated and not user friendly. It has always been on our radar as something we wanted to bring in, perfect, and utilize. By redesigning the website, and making it more user friendly, Toolless believes that ElectroniCase is the road to success in the plastic enclosure industry.

The plastic enclosure industry is very competitive with various technologies that are focused on specific markets. Some areas are focused on producing large quantities, others on creating cosmetically pleasing boxes, and some focus on the field an enclosure is made for (such as medical, technological, etc.). With ElectroniCase we have gathered all the information in one easy to use place. ElectroniCase allows for:

  • Flexibility in design
  • Instantaneous quotes
  • No minimum quantity
  • Mass production capacity

In addition to its current solid expertise, Toolless wants to further enhance new ways to offer a better service to our new and existing customers. ElectroniCase is just one of the many ways we are hoping to branch out. This will in no way take away from what Toolless does and who Toolless is, but instead allows us to better organize and showcase our possibilities. 

*Quotes do have the possibility of being modified and changing based upon the reviewal of the Sales Team. 

Coming out soon!!