The New Year

WOW!  How time flies.  It’s nearly a quarter of the way through the New Year already.  Toolless continues to experience exciting times in developing new custom prototypes for a wide range of projects, as well as continued production for established customers.  We continue to do multiple custom enclosures using the Raspberry Pi, the new Pi Zero, and even a few with Adriano. Since the start of 2018 we have made new prototypes for some old customers as well as starting relationships with new customers.  A few of fields we have been working with are:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Wireless Services
  • Automotive Services
  • Spray Systems
  • Spectroscopy and Imaging Technologies
  • Aviation Technologies
  • Radio/Audio Automation
  • Data Compression
  • Design Engineering
  • Battery Storage
  • Cosmetic Innovations
  • Temperature Controls
  • Photography Laboratories

These are only a few of the exciting businesses we have designed, developed, and manufactured custom plastic enclosures for in recent months.   If any of these areas seem even remotely close to a project you are working on now and you are searching for a customer plastic enclosure – odds are Toolless has a solution. We have completed our first case study, hoping it will better explain our capabilities and process; we will continue to search for new and unique projects for future case studies.

Until next time,