Unlock Speed in Prototyping with Toolless Plastic Enclosures

When it comes to prototyping, every second counts. That’s why at Toolless, we’ve mastered the art of creating custom plastic housings quickly and efficiently – no molds, no fuss. Imagine being able to hold your prototype just days after sketching out your idea!

The Need for Speed in Prototyping

In the fast-paced world of product development, getting your prototype ready as soon as possible is crucial. It’s not just about beating competitors to market; it’s also about having the time to test, tweak, and perfect your design without delay.

How Toolless Accelerates Your Project

At Toolless, we’re all about making things simple and swift:

  • Quick Turnarounds: Say goodbye to long waits. Our process doesn’t require mold-making which is usually what slows down production.
  • Free Quotes: We value transparency and efficiency from start to finish.
  • No Molds or Tooling: This means fewer steps in manufacturing and more speed for you!
  • Custom Design Specialization: Whatever shape or size you envision for your enclosure, we can handle it.

A Process Tailored for Iteration

Design isn’t always a straight path. You might need several rounds of adjustments before everything clicks into place. Because our method doesn’t involve costly tooling changes:

  • Modifications are quick
  • Extra iterations are affordable
  • You won’t lose momentum when refining your design

From Concept to Reality

We’re not just fast; we’re collaborative partners. We walk with you through each step:

  1. Share your concept.
  2. Work together on the design.
  3. Witness rapid creation of a high-quality prototype that fits precisely what you need.

Why Choose Toolless?

Customization is King

Whether it’s electronics casings or medical device shells, our enclosures are tailor-made for their purpose.

Experience You Can Trust

With over two decades in the business, we’ve got know-how that only time can teach.

Committed To Quality

Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification isn’t just a badge – it’s proof of our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Made In The USA

Know that each enclosure reflects quality craftsmanship right from our home base near Seattle.

Ready to bring your innovative ideas into reality faster than ever? Get started with Toolless today! Reach out for that free quote and let’s make “quick” an understatement when talking about prototyping!