Molding the Future without Molds: Toolless’s Custom Plastic Solutions for Lumen Field

Toolless, a leading manufacturer of plastic enclosures, is proud to have been involved in the creation of custom plastic enclosures for Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology at Lumen Field, Seattle National Football League’s stadium and home of the Seahawks. Leveraging our expertise in creating unique and efficient housings without molds or tooling, we crafted high-quality plastic enclosures that seamlessly integrated into Amazon’s innovative retail tech solution. Our custom product designs and quick turnarounds helped facilitate the expansion of this cutting-edge technology throughout the Seattle Seahawks’ home stadium.

Our collaboration with Amazon began with a thorough understanding of their specific requirements for the Just Walk Out technology. Toolless engineering team worked closely with AWS Technology team from project conception to design and delivery, ensuring that every detail was meticulously considered. The design process incorporated features such as ease-of-use for customers while maintaining an aesthetic appeal befitting both Amazon’s brand image and Lumen Field’s modern atmosphere.

The manufacturing process utilized our unique Toolless production method which enables quick, easy, and affordable changes throughout the process until perfection is achieved. This flexibility ensured a proper fit and finish for every manufactured electronic plastic enclosure needed for each installation site around Lumen Field – from concession stands to the new Pro Shop Outlet.

Reflecting on this successful partnership, it was not just about creating plastic enclosures but contributing to an innovative retail experience that enhances fan engagement at Lumen Field. The satisfaction derived from seeing fans effortlessly purchase merchandise using these custom-made enclosures validates our commitment to excellence and underscores our capabilities in delivering effective solutions within tight timelines. As pioneers in no-mold plastic housing manufacturing, Toolless continues its mission of bringing clients’ ideas to life through expertly crafted custom plastic enclosures.