Custom Plastic Medical Device Enclosures

At Toolless Plastic Solutions, we are dedicated to providing custom enclosures for medical devices and other products. Our team of experts specializes in creating robust and reliable plastic housings, cases, and enclosures without molds or tooling required. We understand the importance of precision engineering when it comes to medical equipment, so each of our products is designed with strict quality control protocols that ensure a proper fit and finish each time.

Our process starts by understanding your needs. We then help you conceptualize the product design and layout that best suits your application. From there, we take precise measurements to create 3D models that will guide us through the manufacturing process. This allows us to make quick changes if needed so you can get exactly what you need fast. By working closely with you throughout the entire project, we guarantee satisfaction every time. 

The flexibility provided by our no-tooling manufacturing process also makes it easier than ever to make changes when necessary without sacrificing quality or delaying completion times. With over two decades of experience in the medical industry, our expertise ensures the timely production of custom plastic enclosures for all types of applications including mechanical or design engineers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and labs technicians—all needing housing for their components such as pumps or circuit boards in order to test out their innovative ideas. 

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we pride ourselves on being able to provide top-notch customer service along with quick turnarounds at an affordable cost regardless of where you’re located around the world because of our global supply chain network! Our 5-star rated services have also been praised by many customers who come back again and again for their plastic enclosure needs due to our commitment to excellence. 

We know how important it is for these products used in the medical field to be made right—and that’s why so many trust us with their projects! Get a free quote today from Toolless Plastic Solutions and let us help bring your vision into reality!