Learn More About The Toolless Process

At Toolless Plastic Solutions, we understand the importance of a prototyping process when it comes to creating custom plastic enclosures for your electronics. Our unique process allows us to create and deliver high-quality, cost-effective prototypes quickly and efficiently. Here’s how it works:

The first step is to contact our Sales Team. Brice and Dan will collect as much information about your project as possible, including any detailed models or drawings you may have already created, or simply describe the concept you have in mind. If you like one of our “C Box” or “U Box” style enclosures, all we need is the size and any special features you require. The Sales Team will also assist in selecting the best material for your project; ABS is the most common material used. 

Next, the Design Engineer Team takes over. Using available information a 3D model is made either from scratch if you don’t have any existing designs or using an existing 3D model if provided by you. This 3D design includes all slots, tongues, grooves, etc that are needed for manufacturing and assembly purposes ensuring a proper fit and finish of every manufactured electronic plastic enclosure. 

Once approved by you, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming begins where parts start as flat pieces of plastic which then get flattened into two-dimensional images with all details specified in them before being sent off to be processed through various machines like saws and benders followed by etching, part marking, engraving and digital printing processes which together create custom near injection molded quality cases for electronics. 

After this process has been completed careful quality checks are performed on each prototype produced before they are shipped out to customers ensuring everything meets their requirements. If there are minor changes required they can easily be adjusted while major changes require making another prototype. 

 After receiving their prototypes customers can provide feedback which helps us further improve our services.  With our experience, technology, and dedicated operators running CNC machines, saws, benders, gluing & printing machines – along with value-added services like etching, part marking & engraving – Toolless Plastic Solutions stands out as one of the top manufacturers of custom plastic enclosures providing quick turnarounds & customer service unparalleled to others in this industry.