Raspberry Pi Enclosure on demand

Let’s talk about the Raspberry Pi board.  I don’t have a computer background so I can’t tell you everything the Raspberry Pi can do, but I do know more and more customers are requesting enclosures either to hold a Raspberry Pi or have one included with other components and/or configurations. 

We received our first request to build a Raspberry Pi enclosure a few years ago.  We chuckled at the name and successfully met the customer’s needs.  A couple of years have passed and I have done at least 30 more enclosures around the Raspberry Pi (4 of my last 6 prototypes contain a Raspberry Pi).  We have even built an enclosure to contain a Raspberry Pi AND fit it in a gang box. And I just got my first request to include the Pi Zero!

You would think we could make a single, standard enclosure to satisfy anyone wanting an enclosure around a Raspberry Pi – not that easy.  Because the Pi is so versatile, the enclosure around it has to be just as versatile.  Do you need access to one or all the USB ports, power connector, or HDMI?  Do you need audio?  What about access to the SD card or mini SD?  Is there a dongle attached or it it stand alone?  Is it attached to an screen or another PC board?  Do you need a battery door? Do you need light pipes, standoffs or other mounting features? The point is, whatever the purpose or configuration of your Raspberry Pi, we at Toolless have gained a great deal of experience over the last few years at designing an enclosure and are confident can meet your needs.

Best Regards,