COVID-19 CAM Offer

Back in mid-March of this year, Toolless made a commitment to do its part in helping others who were researching COVID-19. We offered free CAM Designs that included concepts and programming to any company that was working on creating a cure, vaccine, further testing, and treatment of the virus. We are now saying goodbye to July and hello to August and five months later the world is still battling a virus we had all hoped would have been gone by now. That is why Toolless is still committed to offering this service in the coming months. Please read our original letter below and contact us today to inquire about what we can do for you.

Dear Medical Community,

The world is currently amid a pandemic with COVID-19. While cities, states, and even countries are taking measures to limit exposure and spread of the virus we here at Toolless Plastic Solutions would like to do our part. While the medical field is working on creating a vaccine and one is currently being tested, it will take a while before it is able to be on the market and offered to the public.

Toolless cannot create a cure or a vaccine. We do have other abilities which lead us to be helpful in other ways. Our enclosures are all made in the USA using our flexible technology with no tools and no mold. We have worked with many medical companies over the past 20 years in creating CPAP machines, respiratory simulators, ventilators, heart monitors, sleep diagnostic equipment, lab testing equipment, and more. The medical equipment whose housing we have created has helped save lives and bring about peace of mind.

It is because we have these years of experience and because we are dedicated to doing our part during these times that Toolless Plastic Solution would like to extend its hand out to medical researchers. We want to provide researchers a quick and affordable solution for their housing needs. This is why, for the next couple of months (and possibly longer as the pandemic dictates) that Toolless will be offering free CAM designs, including concept and programming, to anyone who is working on creating a cure, vaccine, further testing, and treatment of COVID-19.

Toolless is committed to being responsive. This means responding to inquiries within 24 hours and quickly getting you in touch with one of our engineers who will help with the design of your prototype. Our aim is to have prototypes designed, manufactured, and shipped within two weeks or less. We offer a quick turnaround from prototype to production, and due to the nature of these events, we will do what we need to do to expedite any orders related to this research.

We will do what it takes to help researchers resolve this problem.