Types of Enclosures and Their Components

Toolless Plastic Solutions designs, produces, and manufactures custom plastic enclosures, plastic casings, and plastic housings without a mold or a tool. Toolless has mastered the art of turning plastic housing concepts into practice. From project creation and design to delivery of the finished product, we collaborate with our customers to deliver the best quality product. The custom enclosures are built using exclusive Toolless technology. All of this is done without the expense, lead time, and inflexibility of molds and tooling. Our plastic enclosure manufacturing process uses a technique that allows for fast, simple, and cost-effective changes.


A custom plastic enclosure is a boxed-in object made of a variety of plastic, metal or any material that can be fastened together to form the desired shape. NEMA enclosures are used to protect electrical components whereas custom enclosures are often used for electronic devices such as medical testing equipment, card readers in any shop, and even laptops. Toolless Plastic Solutions specialize in the design and manufacture of custom plastic enclosures. The toolless manufacturing process allows us to produce high-quality, solid designs and excellent engineering without the use of molds or tooling, which are typical in injection molding. Enclosure modifications are simpler, quicker, and less expensive when molds and dies are not involved.

Toolless offers two types of Standard Plastic Enclosures; C Box Enclosure and U Box Enclosure. The C Box Enclosure is a simple two-piece design. The enclosure is designed to be a plug-and-play solution for use. The U Box Enclosure is ready-to-use plug-and-play housing. This four-piece classic style can be easily adapted to needs.

Custom Plastic Enclosures

Electronic Enclosures

Plastic cases that contain electronic components are known as electronic enclosures or electronic housings. Computers, gaming consoles, and medical devices are common uses for these enclosures. The primary function of a plastic case is to keep the electronics safe and stable. The housings also protect electrical components from potential circuit board damage. Toolless can also provide custom circuit board enclosures and PCB enclosures.

Electronic Enclosures

Medical Enclosures

Toolless Plastic Solutions is a perfect choice for custom medical enclosures and laboratory instruments. In the medical sector, 20 years of experience has allowed us to assist in the development of custom plastic medical enclosures. Since 1994, Toolless has collaborated with a variety of medical companies on a variety of projects. Surgical quarters, dry eye solutions, breathing simulators, sleep diagnostic equipment, respiratory devices, and CPAP ventilators are a few examples.

Robotic Sampling Device

EEG Custom Medical Device

Custom Raspberry Pi Cases

Toolless Plastic Solutions make custom Raspberry Pi cases using no mold, no tooling technology. The number and size of holes, standoff additions, dimensions, acrylic screens, LED light tubing, and other features, are customized according to the customers’ needs. This customization allows clients to personalize Raspberry Pi Enclosure and even add company logos through digital printing.

Time Management Controller Case

Checkpoint Case

Diabetes Adjuster Box

ABS Plastic Enclosure

ABS enclosures are a great choice for almost any kind of plastic project case. ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a tough thermoplastic that provides excellent performance at a low cost. ABS is a perfect material for indoor applications, such as desktop electronics. Toolless general-purpose ABS accounts for 80% of production. Whether it is a small or large enclosure for electronic components, Toolless has the potential to produce high-quality products that allow electronic inventions to become a reality.

ABS Plastic Enclosures

Custom Acrylic Electronic Enclosures

Toolless has successfully incorporated Acrylic sheets into plastic enclosures that include a viewing window or barcode reader. To make a clean and precise cut, the procedure usually necessitates the use of a laser. However, at Toolless we have modified a CNC feature to make it look like a laser cut. This helps us to cut the plastic delicately without breaking it.

Acrylic or Plexiglas enclosures are ideal for parts displays and point of sale units. However, it is much more durable and cost-effective than glass. It can be used in conditions where the design allows you to see inside a product. This includes the wall mount, Raspberry Pi, and hand-held enclosures.

Acrylic Enclosures