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Our Manufacturing Process:

We would like to take this opportunity to describe the four steps in our manufacturing process.



When the design is complete and approved, all the data will be built out into a 3d rendering. After this process we will then export your design onto our advanced CNC machines. In this phase we use a flat sheet of plastic and mill out the enclosure pattern along with all the custom details you need to set yourself apart.

Milling Plastic




This is a unique technology we use called "Toungue and groove". When performed correctly, this technology allows us at Toolless to have a very fast turnaround on your enclosures with a better bend, and a higher quality finish. By analyzing every necessary detail of each plastic enclosure before bending we ensure your enclosure will fit together perfectly.




After the flat sheet of plastic has been milled, and sawed, we use a high tech bending machine to bend the plastic in the shape desired. Using this process gives us the ability to perform hot or cold bending depending on the angle, and also add curvature to your enclosure.




Finally we assemble the parts using a special glue that joins the plastic pieces together as they become one solid piece. During this process we can also silk screen the enclosure and paint the enclosure the necessary colors.


For more information on how to get your enclosure from design to reality,
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