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New Assembly Service at Toolless

At Toolless Plastic Solutions we are always exploring opportunities to better serve our customers. From simple quick enclosures, digital printing, advanced curvatures, or custom designs with low barrier to entry, our goal has always been to advance.

Circuit Board Enclosure

Over the last 20 years, our staff has gained a great deal of expertise with circuit boards, displays, connectors, screws, electronic parts etc…. making them an experienced team in various fields of assembly.

In light of this, we are soliciting your opinion on whether or not you would be interested in Toolless assembling your units, by mounting all your components into the enclosure.

Toolless would like to dedicate an in-house line of assembly for your needs; we have the equipment, flexibility and capacity to handle your unique demands. Toolless will assemble the enclosure according to your assembly instructions*, package and ship them as required.
Fast Shipping

A considerable advantage of Toolless assembling the enclosure is that we can address design and fit issues immediately while in process, intercepting the error prior to shipping, shorten your lead time and reduce handling issues. Additionally it would minimize the out sourcing of materials for your product to essentially one place with easy shipping in one package.

Toolless would like to be more than your vendor; we want to be your partner.

If you are interested in a quote from us click here.


Toolless Plastic Solutions

*. Note that Toolless will not test the units.