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March 2012 Newsletter

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At Toolless Plastic Solutions, we design and create custom plastic enclosures, complex enclosures, and custom housings in small, medium or large production runs.

Manufactured To Your Specifications

Our manufacturing facility is built to produce plastic enclosures of any type. Types of projects range from simple two piece plastic enclosure to more complex designs  with curvature and combination's of different colors and types of plastic. In small or large quantities runs our manufacturing process can meet your production requirements.



Custom Designed &  Engineering

Our design team will evaluate the different aspects of your custom enclosure and work with manufacturing to ensure an end product that will meet your needs. Toolless has in-house engineers that work directly with you through the entire process from design, to completion of a prototype.

High Quality Cosmetic Finish

Toolless has a variety of plastics to meet the requirements for your custom enclosures. All our silkscreening is done in-house. We can also custom paint your project in multiple colors or designs. Our engineers and quality control personal will assure the quality during every step of the manufacturing process.

Medical Enclosure


Standard Enclosures

Simple easy to order quick turn around enclosures.


Previous projects:

Medical Enclosures

Complex, high quality, high detail enclosures



Electronics Enclosures

Enclosures for any electrical components.


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