About The Company

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the best customer service, highest quality materials and fastest delivery of custom plastic enclosures to our customers. We believe that Toolless Plastic Solutions Inc. can become the dominant provider of plastic enclosures and we can make “Toolless” the preeminent name in the custom enclosure market. To continuously increase our value; routinely affect the lives of our employees in a positive way that moves them toward their chosen goals, regularly contribute to our larger community, and provide our customers with the best plastic enclosures made right here in the USA.


In 1985 a French engineer, Jean-Claude Antoine needed low quantities of various plastic housings for stage lighting. Over the next few years, borrowing from the sheet metal and cabinet-making industries, he developed a process of machining and bending plastic sheets to make plastic enclosures and housings. With the introduction of CNC technology, the process became more automated and efficient.

LTP, the French company Mr. Antoine started, is today the largest producer of “Toolless” plastic enclosures in the world. As with any new technology, LTP spawned a number of spin-offs who were former licensees, distributors, employees, etc. Europe has a large number of companies using this technology today. It was from one of these companies, a German company called TTK Kunstoff Technologie, that Toolless Plastic Technologies, LLC was born.

Founded in 1998 by Jim Fowler, Toolless Plastic Technologies, LLC purchased a license and machines from TTK Kunstoff Technologie. The licensing aspect of the technology expired in 2001. In 2006, LTP purchased a majority position in Toolless Plastic Technologies, LLC, renamed it to Toolless Plastic Solutions, Inc., upgraded all of the equipment and operating systems, and introduced new capabilities which allow the forming of more complex curves and unique shapes.

Toolless Plastic Solutions is a 8000 square foot plastic manufacturing facility 20 miles north of Seattle, Washington serving customers in the United States, Canada, South America, South Africa and Australia.

Core Beliefs

Our fundamental belief is that we can provide a high qualtiy unique product, with outstanding service, while making a profit. Profit allows us to grow, and growth creates opportunities for our customers and our employees. Growth requires that we stretch, learn, change and expand our vision and capabilities. Growth is what happens when we respond to our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations, and profit is what allows us to add new capabilities, new services and new plastic enclosure processes.

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